Kenessey: The Gold and the Woman


Budapest Eiffel House

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28 April, 2019 20:00 - 22:30


Opera in one act, in Hungarian, with Hungarian and English surtitles


The Gold and the Woman was Jenő Kenessey’s sole foray into the genre of opera and, at the same time, one of the most popular Hungarian works of the first half of the 20th century. The piece is the story of a 15th-century parabolic love triangle. The ageing husband in a rather empty marriage takes his revenge on the young man out to seduce his wife by tempting him in a different way: by offering him counterfeit gold coins made in his alchemist’s shop. Not suspecting anything, the elated young man chooses this glittering wealth. The husband, however, alerts the town guard, and the soldiers immediately arrest the greedy owner of counterfeit money. The married couple is left alone once again.


Conductor: Zsolt Jankó
Wolfgang: István Kovács
Anna: Zita Váradi
Mercenary captain: Atilla Kiss B.
Hinkó: László Beöthy-Kiss
First actor: Tivadar Kiss
Second actor: Ferenc Cserhalmi
Commander of the guard: Antal Bakó
A guard: N.N.
Libretto based on Gyula Krúdy’s drama of the same title by: Jenő Kenessey
Director: Csaba Káel
Set designer: Éva Szendrényi
Costume designer: Anikó Németh
Dramaturg: Eszter Orbán
Choreographer: Marianna Venekei

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